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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Self-Help Anxiety Methods to Stop Dreading Mondays

Self-help anxiety curing techniques can come in handy when the dread of an upcoming work week makes an appearance. I love Fridays! Saturday absolutely rule. But Sundays used to mean the beginning of the end for me. If you work a typical Monday-Friday job you probably feel the same way. Weekends always fly by and Mondays come faster than bullet train.

My Sundays used to ruined by the stress and worry I would put myself through thinking about how hard Monday would be. I wished I could freeze time and make it never come, but we know that doesn't work. Sunday nights were especially gloomy and filled with tension and anxiety. And forget about sleeping. I'd usually lay in bed with negative thoughts racing and feeling my heart rate accelerate. It wasn't until I learned and practiced some self-help anxiety techniques, that I was able to enjoy an entire weekend.

The first thing you have to realize is that Sunday should be a full day free from the worry and anxiety of your occupation. It's insane to bring the stress of a job into this day that should be celebrated equally with Saturday. You might as well go into work on Sunday if you're going to stress out about the upcoming week and get some work done. I mean seriously; why bother?

Sunday should be savored and spent doing the the things you love, with the people you love. You need to start enjoying Sundays immediately in order to effectively reduce anxiety in your life. Sundays are the perfect day for relaxing. You would be doing yourself a favor, allowing yourself to relax free of a normal work day's activities. But siting around relaxing could be a bad idea for some people. If I had nothing to I would normally find plenty or reasons to start worrying about the work week. I'd notice how fast the time would fly by on Sundays and get myself worked up and depressed about the end of the weekend.

If you have a problem enjoying Sundays due to anxiety, the first self-help anxiety method to implement should be to plan something fun. Going to the park to get some exercise with a friend, a bike ride, or playing a sport is a great idea. Anything involving physical activity is preferred since you're not only taking your mind off stressful thoughts, your also working off stress and tension physically. Exercise is an extremely effective self-help anxiety method for reducing anxiety. Getting some physical activity in on a Sunday should make your evening naturally relaxing.

If you're still not able to feel calm try to only think positively about your Monday whenever thoughts arise. Catch yourself whenever you start to worry. Change any negative thoughts quickly to positive ones. I used to steer away from worrisome thoughts by thinking about the great cup of coffee I treat myself to on Monday mornings. There must be something similar that you can find to make you happy about what Monday may bring.

There are plenty of self-help anxiety curing methods that can greatly reduce stress and worry in your life. Seek them out and practice them with full force and you'll soon find yourself to be calmer and happier.